10. September 2006 · Comments Off on Thanks! · Categories: imported, Ramble

I got a nice mention at Jason Heath’s Bass Page. Thanks, Jason!

If you go there you’ll see his post is about the always confusing world of musicians’ etiquette. We are a peculiar bunch of folks. What might seem like no big thing elsewhere is, to us, sometimes a huge deal. And yet we have to work together. Closely. And what we do is such a personal thing. It’s sometimes as if you are baring your soul to everyone. We are vulnerable. We are insecure. And yet we are egotistical. “It’s all about me.”It’s all about the conductor.” “It’s all about the music.” It’s a confusing mess!

Of course I wouldn’t ever want to give it up. Go figure.

Now back to my (un)regularly scheduled rest. And Kleenex.

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