12. September 2006 · Comments Off on It’s Not THAT Easy! · Categories: imported, Ramble

Via The Collaborative Piano blog I read that the flute may soon be replaced by robot.

Hah! Have you ever sat next to a flutist? Have you ever gone shopping with a flutist? Have you ever seen a flutist’s jewelry?

Somehow the sound isn’t the “all of it” when it comes to being a flutist.

And did you get a look at that cowboy hat wearing robot. Yeah. Right.

Truth be told, there are days when I actually dress up. I don earrings and makeup. I might even wear high heels. When my music colleagues compliment me (usually after I’ve had to pick them up after they faint with shock) I just tell them I’ve come in disguise … as a flutist.

I think it has something to do with their pretty shiny instruments. You know? 😉

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