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I just read about this play:

The Oboe Player
“True lovers can look at each other at dawn’s light and know what the other is thinking. It’s not physical – it’s mystical.” So says one of the characters in the World Premiere of Richard Lay’s The Oboe Player, a romantic-drama about two very different people who have some very different ideas about the role love will play in their lives. The shy and withdrawn Oboe-playing Broderick (an Englishman, known as “Brooder” to his friends) lives a quiet and ordered existence until a vicarious actress named Blossom crosses his path. A woman who lives in the moment, throwing caution to the winds and recklessly jumping from one situation (and love affair) to another, she sweeps Brooder off his feet and into a whirlwind romance. But where Brooder, who’s still mourning the death of his mother, sees the actress as his one true love, Blossom is having too much fun to think about the future. And when her career takes off, she seemingly forgets all about him, despite his desperate attempts to get them back together. Presented by the Sage Theatre Company and directed by Simcha Borenstein.

(I read about it here.)

A play about an oboe player!? Man, I’d love to see this. 🙂

I read a review that wasn’t entirely positive that included this:

Brooder, a shy, inept oboe player, falls for Blossom, a worldly, vivacious American actress, after his friend bills him as the “second-best oboe player in Britain.” She entertains the flirtation with him mostly as a trivial amusement, but he?s fallen deeply in love and can?t sever the attachment as easily as she would like. He?s inexperienced with women, and doesn?t understand that she was merely playing with him. Turns out she has more up her sleeve than anyone originally thought.

Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

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