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The average Narcissism Personality Inventory score of Americans &mdash as demonstrated in a previous study &mdash is 15.3 out of a possible 40. Celebrities averaged 17.8. Contrary to what occurs in the general population, women celebrities, across the board, were more narcissistic than males (19.26 versus 17.27). Musicians &mdash who have the highest skill level &mdash are the least narcissistic celebrity group, while reality television stars &mdash the least talented or skilled group &mdash are the most narcissistic.

Discovered here.

But then I took the Are You A Narcissist? test. And … sigh … I’m not a narcissist. But I think I might be dead. I scored 7 points. Double Sigh. I really did try to answer honestly. But I’m obviously doing something wrong. Or at least my insecurity is showing.

My Score:
7 points — Average American score: 15.3 out of 40.
All celebrities: 17.84
Musicians: 16.67
Actors: 18.54
Comedians: 18.89
Reality TV stars: 19.45

I do suspect that when they say “musicians” they are referring to those musicians who are famous. I doubt very much that they are including us little folk. But still … I don’t even qualify as an “average American”.

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