The majestic glacier that is network television is very gradually melting. Many young viewers, particularly males in their 20?s, have been stolen away by such lures as the Internet, iPods, the Xbox and opera.

Opera?! Really? Why am I not seeing these guys leaning into the pit, staring at the oboe section? Huh? Where are they? What … am I too old to get any attention? They aren’t there for the … gasp! … singers. Are they?

I read this first on Joshua Kosman’s blog. He read it here, in the NY Times.

Mr. Kosman is right—it’s a bizarre article. (Well, he wrote “incomprehensible”. I guess I shouldn’t put (other) words in his mouth. Bad me. Bad me.)

But, well, I have to quote this from the same article:

The key demographic in the weekly Nielsen ratings report is 18-49. Anyone outside that range is undesirable. People over 49 do not buy interesting products.

So you wonder (you DO wonder, don’t you?), “Why is this an important, albeit slightly annoying, couple ‘o sentences?”

And I’ll tell you. With a drumroll, please.

Because it’s countdown time, folks! I have only two month and couple of days until I hit the big five-(uh-)oh.

So I’m going shopping. I’m going buy some interesting products. Before it’s too late.



  1. I read that article, but I didn’t catch the opera bit. Opera?!? Is there some newfangled piece of technology called opera? Because I sure don’t see many 20-somthings at the opera.

    It was a very weird article. I think a lot of columnists fancy themselves to be much wittier than they really are.

  2. So what did you buy?

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    Oops … editing here … I thought you were responding to something else! Sorry!

    I haven’t bought anything. Too poor. 🙁