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I just read about a concert that includes Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat and Daugherty’s Dead Elvis. (Yes, you read that correctly!) David Sogg, who I knew “way back when” will be playing bassoon.

Here’s the information, copied directly from Artsopolis:

Pittsburgh Chamber Music Project

San Jose Chamber Music Society

Pittsburgh Chamber Music Project presents its unique programming for a lively season opener! PCMP has performed in Vienna and New York City, and has been heard on public radio and recorded on the Albany record label. This performance features Stravinsky?s complete score and original instrumentation for Histoire du Soldat with guest narrator, Michael Butler, artistic director of Center REP in Walnut Creek. Michael Daugherty’s Dead Elvis about the life & myth of Elvis Presley, features bassoonist and South Bay native David Sogg. Enjoy a pre-concert lecture with cellist and local radio announcer Roger Emanuels.

Regular Price = $30

9/24/2006 (Sun) 6:45pm lecture, 7:30pm performance
Le Petit Trianon, 72 N. 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112

I’ll have just finished up with opera (at 5:45) so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get up the energy to go, but I would sure love to! We’ll see.

I need help.

Yes, I realize anyone who knows me already knows I need help. But I’m talking about a different kind of help right now.

I just downloaded Tchaik 2, and I want to burn a CD. I tried, and I get a message (in iTunes) saying it’s unable to do this due to a “medium write error”. This is the second time this has happened recently. I’ve not had this problem in the past. Anyone have a clue what I should do about this? I can play the darn music on my computer, but I want to listen to it in the car, and the car I often drive plays CDs but has no iPod connection.

Argh and double argh!

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I was browsing the Symphony Silicon Valley site and was reminded that there are recordings of the orchestra there. If you visit the recording page you can actually hear a bit of me there. I’m playing English horn in Rossini’s William Tell Overture. I’m also playing principal oboe in some works because our principal oboist, Pamela Hakl, had taken a leave for a time. So some of the principal is Pam and some is me. I hate hearing myself, I have to confess. I only hear the things I don’t like, and I can’t seem to hear the good. And of course there is always room for improvement. At least for me.

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It’s been announced that Sirius satellite radio and the Met will launch a radio station that will play four performances a week during the Met’s season.

Not bad.

Except the one time we tried Sirius out we managed to connect maybe 50% of the time—maybe less. There’s no way I’m willing to pay for a service that doesn’t work half the time. We were in Seattle when we were giving it a go; maybe Sirius doesn’t work well there? But I’m not willing to give it another go here in the Bay Area. I’m cheap that way.

Besides, I have my iPod. It’ll do fine.