This article doesn’t give the brand of oboe a middle school student tried to sell off, but if it was a Selmer I guess $60 would about cover it. Same if it was a Linton. (Although they ask more at the stores.)

Sad story, really: a middle school student trying to sell her school-owned oboe? Sigh. Things I don’t quite understand:

  • Was the mother arrested as well? It seems she was there with the daughter to sell it.
  • Why would anyone try to make bucks off of an oboe? (Thieves can’t really sell off oboes easiy, and usually go for the easier-to-dump stuff, and those of us in the oboe world know to check the list of stolen oboes if the deal is too good to be true.)
  • Is the picture shown of the 16 year old minor? I thought they didn’t show pictures of minors, nor did I realize they would even name them. But I guess I don’t know a lot!

Of course maybe it was just that the poor girl was having a horrible reed day. That I certainly do understand!

And what is a 16 year old doing in middle school? Seems like that’s high school age. But maybe it’s different in other states.


  1. How do you find stuff like this? You seem to be very VERY good at searching the net.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I just have lots of fun, is all. 🙂