25. September 2006 · Comments Off on After The Worrying · Categories: imported, Ramble

As anyone who visits here knows, I’m not always abounding in confidence. It’s not exactly my middle name. But after my worrying and wondering post I have heard from four people, musicians I admire greatly, who complimented my playing. I didn’t ask for these words, and two of them didn’t even have a clue I was in DoubtLand™ at the moment. I have to say that their words came at just the right time for me. Self doubt can really eat away at a person, and can definitely harm one’s playing. I’m blessed to have colleagues who, on occasion, hand me kind words.

I need to remember this; I need to hand out honest compliments as well. Surely I’m not the only person who suffers from QuittingTimeFears™. Right? Words can be powerful. Encouraging. Uplifting.

Thank you, dear friends.

(Doesn’t it drive you nuts that I trademark stupid words I create? Forgive me, please! It’s just a pattything™.)

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