May I say that it drives me nuts when a musician decides it’s time to clip his or her nails while in the pit or on the stage?

Yes. I might say that. I might even write it down.

This is news you can use. Really.

27. September 2006 · Comments Off on Eight Sentences · Categories: imported, Ramble

I hadn’t seen Matthew Guerrieri’s site before. But I suppose (I can’t remember for sure … maybe I happened upon it on a blog search) one of the other places I visit (see the long list of links to your right) took me to Eight sentences about classical music I’d be happy never to read again.


I’ll have to think of some of my own. Maybe. If I can be so creative. Being a classical musician I’m used to playing someone else’s notes. So do I have a single creative thought of my own in this brain ‘o mine?

Well, yes. Yes, I do!

But not right now.

Right now I have to get out the oboe and English horn and get to a bit ot practice. Symphony begins rehearsals today! Borodin (In the Steppes of Central Asia or, as my part reads, “Eine Steppenskizze”. English horn. Solo.) Higdon (Concerto for Orchestra. Lots of very fast notes. Some low notes too. Third oboe). Tchaikovksy (Symphony No. 2: I don’t play that one). So there’s work to be done. Although not on the Tchaik. (Duh.) Reeds to be looked at. Maybe even touched. Marks to be made. I mark my parts a lot; I’d rather look stupid on the parts than be heard stupid, if you know what I mean!