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Okay. I haven’t written much of anything about the Higdon Concerto for Orchestra that we performed this weekend. And what I did write wasn’t clearly about the work, nor was it exactly positive. (This work was the one that went well below the oboe’s range at one point. More on that in a minute.)

But … drum roll … or lots of percussion if you want to sound like the fourth movement … YES, I did like it. Quite a lot, in fact.

I think that maybe there is a bit more of it than necessary, but I’m even thinking that thought, which I had at the beginning of the set, could be wrong. I’m always willing to admit I might be wrong. Sometimes I might be too willing to admit I’m wrong, but I’d rather be that way than the opposite! Of course I could be wrong about admitting I’m wrong … but we won’t go there right now. Unless you think I’m wrong about that.

But anyway, back to the work. I especially liked the second, third and fourth movements. I thought the oboe section of the third was beautiful, even while I have to admit that starting a solo on a low B-flat after sitting for a full movement (no oboes in the second) is a bit on the scary thing. Pam, our first oboist, did a fabulous job, and gave me the confidence to come in with my following low B-flat, when all three oboists are playing the “oboe section”. We decided it’s the best section of the work, and three oboists in agreement can’t be wrong … can they?!

So, about those notes that went below the oboe range. A colleague suggested, and I tend to think he’s correct, that perhaps she had originally had all of us an octave higher. The first and second oboes do play an octave higher, so maybe she thought, after working on the work, to quickly set me down an octave. A lot of composers use a computer, and if she did that she might not have paid all that much attention, and didn’t notice how low I was supposed to go. In any case, I couldn’t play it, so I just left out the final notes. I know no one noticed; there was a lot going on right then.

If anyone is interested in hearing the Higdon they can do what I did; it’s quick and easy to purchase via iTunes. And for only $9.99 you get that work and the three movement work, City Scape.

No, Apple didn’t pay me to write that. I think they should have an “oboist in residence” but so far I’ve not received the Phone Call.

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