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Yet another believable email from a potential student:

From: terry_mcdonald03@yahoo.com
Date: October 18, 2006 2:32:33 AM PDT
To: liljustin@gmail.com

My name is Terry Mcdonald .I am 24 years old and I am a European. For a living I am a business man, I deal mostly in Precious stones and Jewelry. I supply watches, wedding rings, and jewelry to stores in US Europe, and Asia. Actually that is my family business, we are from UK. Dad lived in USA because he used to love it there Unfortunately my father passed away on the 5th of sept and as the only son in my family I have to go and take care of the family business in USA.

But for my leisure i need a good and very intelligent Music instructor to follow up my music career which i have chosen interest in before i went to the business line.
I am interested in getting a well behaved and tactical Music trainer who will take me to the peak of music and through all i need to know in my music career.

pls let me know how much you charge and duration of our lesson also let me know the instrument you teach…. and your location in your next email….I am just a beginner and i dont have any instrument in mind for now….


Now I have to admit that I don’t get these as often as I get Viagra, Rolex, and weight losing spam, but these ones probably tick me off the most; they want to direct these specifically toward folks in the music profession. They must search for email addresses that include an instrument name.


(At the same time, what these emails contain makes me laugh, they are so ridiculous.)

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