22. October 2006 · Comments Off on Sigh · Categories: imported, Ramble

I’m not a real national anthemn fan. I prefer America the Beautiful myself. The latter is a prettier song, and more singable. I also like the words better. Tonight’s baseball game once again reminded me of how awful The Star Spangled Banner can be sung. I’m refraining from writing bloody awful because I’m not British and it seems as if I’m attempting to be who I am not when I type that.

Oh. Wait. I just typed “bloody awful” didn’t I? Now I’ve typed it twice! Shame on me. That’s just bloody awful of me.

Ah well. At least I admit when I’m bloody awful.

I also noticed the announcer requested that all men remove their caps before the song was sung. Does that mean that when my children instructed me to remove my Giants cap this summer they were wrong?

I’m cheering for Detroit, although I’m not going to weep buckets if they lose, and I do have a fondness for the Cardinal’s coach, Tony LaRussa; on a news segment years ago I saw him doing a bit ‘o ballet. They were advertising for the Oakland Nutcracker (I think) and I admired him for allowing them to put him on the tube.

Okay … here we go … strike 1!

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