Among the music she’s selected are two Renaissance dances by the what must be every oboists’ favorite composer, given the number of pieces he wrote for the instrument, Tielmann Susato.

Okay. I know I am not familiar with every single composer in the world. I realize I’m not as well educated or as well read as many of my colleagues. But … Tielman Susato?!

First of all, I will admit quite readily that I had never heard of the composer before. I have this belief that admitting that I don’t know something is just fine. Call me silly. But then to read a short article that suggests that he must be “every oboists’ favorite composer” is, to this oboist, rather baffling.

Comments? Anyone?

I’ve now done my studying and will, from here on out, know the name Tielman Susato. But it is highly unlikely that he will ever become my favorite composer.

Piko suggests that the writer may have been thinking Telemann. That came to my mind as well … but it’s the first name of this favorite composer’s name, so if the writer really w as thinking that, he or she sure is clueless.

Oh … and reading the little blurb again I realized I hadn’t read to the very end where it’s written:

The concert is free, Laib said, “and worth every penny.”

Oh my! Isn’t suggesting the concert is worth nothing? Hmmm!


  1. Lol… perhaps they were thinking Telemann. It’s funny that the oboe would be oft-overlooked in a double reed ensemble.  ; )

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I did first think the author meant Telemann … until I saw it was the first name.

    And yes, hard to overlook the oboe in a double reed group, isn’t it?

    I’m guessing that the writer knows very little about music.

  3. Well, Susato is great stuff to teach to young students (simple lines, no accidentals, dance-like rhythms, limited range), so I use it for that. But as a favorite composer for any instrumentalists? Nah. 🙂

  4. Boy, sounds like the can’t-miss concert of the season. Good ole’ Tielmann. Yeah… don’t you know our favorite Tielmann?

  5. Patricia Mitchell

    Um. Well. Um. Shuffle shuffle.

    Yes, of course.

    THAT Tielmann. 😉