Thanks to ACB I was fortunate enough to read this article. 🙂

It ends with this:

My hope is to combine my two joys: to watch Ravens on television with the sound turned down while listening to a live opera broadcast on radio. I am looking forward to the first Saturday in January. That is when I Puritani is scheduled to be broadcast from the Met, and when the first round of the NFL playoffs are on TV.

Love it!

… and now I’m off to find reeds for both oboe and EH. Lots of playing this week, and it all begins this evening.


  1. Which has more mayhem-a typical NFL, or a typical opera?

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m gonna go with opera.

    I must admit I’m not exactly a huge football fan; I’ll watch it, for lack of baseball, but otherwise it’s mostly “whatever” to me. Of course when the 49ers were a real team I would never have said that!