Whew! Another long day. My mouth is pretty darn fried. Five rehearsals in two days is just a bit much for me, I think.

But … well … wasn’t it just so fun to realize you were reading words I typed while on the stage?!

Please don’t tell me you really didn’t even care. I don’t want to hear it. 😉

In other news, and in response to his posting of one person’s view of the orchestra, daily observations has put together his own view of the orchestra. It’s fairly kind and gentle. I’m not sure I’d be quite that nice. (And yes, I’ve thought about writing up my own, but sometimes it’s just better to leave one’s mouth closed … or fingers still … or whatever!)

Regarding Reeds
Sigh. I’m not sure the ones I was using so far this week are going to hold out for the entire week. This weather—windy and extremely dry—is no fun for reeds. At least no fun for me and my reeds.

And now it’s time for bed. Tomorrow I have four students, an oboe demonstration to give (for a composition class) and a concert. Yet another busy day.

Friday is going to be crash time. I do have three students, but not one rehearsal or performance. Bizaree, don’t you think, for a musician to get to stay home on a Friday night?


  1. When are your concerts? Reeds should arrive Monday, latest Thursday.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    This week’s are tonight (yes, Thursday), Saturday and Sunday. I think I found a reed that might stay awake. We’ll see.

    Now I hope I can stay awake too! 🙂