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If I have a hectic schedule I tend to not look ahead. It’s so difficult for my brain to wrap around one week, much less look forward to the next. This doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s coming up; I’m well aware that the next two weeks will be The King and I, with a bit of Barber of Seville thrown in. From opera, which extends past K&I, I return to symphony again, and Le Tombeau de Couperin (Ravel) is lurking there so I’ve been thinking about English horn reeds and working a bit on the little bit of technical work I’ll have on second oboe.

But only today did it hit me: After Sunday’s Symphony Silicon Valley concert I have a five hour musical rehearsal (which I was remembering) and THEN … sigh … Monday I have two three hour rehearsals of the musical. Oops! I hadn’t looked at Monday yet. So now I’ve quickly written my Monday students to see if we can reschedule (now maybe readers will understand why I charge weekly rather than monthly!) and if not I’ll miss seeing them. I hate missing my students, but sometimes that’s the only choice.

In any case, I had better really relish today! I have only two students (one cancelled) and I have no concert at all. How odd to play Thursday and then have Friday off. My next night off is November 6, and then the free night after that will be November 14.

This is always good news and bad news. Mostly good, of course. It means I’m employed. Nearly steadily. Like a real job. In fact, between teaching and playing, the only days, until Christmas, on which I have absolutely nothing on total a whopping … drum roll please … ZERO.

That’s right. Every day between now and December 25 I either teach or play (or both).

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll need to take something off. For my sanity.

(Whispering voices in my head are saying, “Too late … too late. Sanity is long gone.” 😉

I just realized I had Thursday students scheduled on Thanksiving! Ain’t gonna happen. (Duh.) So there’s a day off. Sort of. (We always have the dinner here, so there’s work to be done.)

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