I ran across Out West Arts (probably from someone’s link and I’m sorry I can’t tell you whose because I can’t remember!) and I think I’ll enjoy it.

The blogger, Brian, is in Los Angeles, but he treks on up here to see things (not in San José, or course, but in San Francisco where the Big Kids play).

On the right hand side of the page you can see “Later” which lists upcoming events. I’m assuming Brian is saying he’s going to all of these. Wow. The man must have megabucks.

In any case, I got a kick out of reading “Dear Cristine”.

I wish I could get to LA to hear some of the things he lists. Besides, it would be fun to hear the LA Phil’s new oboist, and see that fancy hall of theirs. But it ain’t gonna happen any time soon. And that’s life, yes?

In Other News
I’m alive but feeling somewhat sluggish. I have a concert tonight, so it’s nap time for this girl. I guess teaching until 2:00 zapped me a bit.

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  1. This guy sounds like a critic. I don’t know anyone who sees this many performances. Does he even talk about performing from a first person?