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But I be slightly hyper as well … typical after a performance. Even when it’s something as light as musical theatre. (Yes, I take musical theatre as seriously as anything. I feel that to think of one form of music as unimportant is simply a very bad idea, as it can lead to sloppy playing. I don’t want to go there.) But anyway, I’m wired. So it’s “come down” time.

The show went well; no problems in any way that would be noticeable to an audience. I could always go through my personal list of “coulda been better” moments, but I’m not going there.

But my English horn reeds. Grumble. They are not happy. Nor am I. The ones that I thought were workable, when I tried them all in my studio, are definitely unworkable. The ones I’ve used in that past are being overused and abused as I try to get something new together. The one little solo, which is on EH, went fine, but it was especially hysterical because no one heard it anyway; the audience was laughing and applauding a line that occured on stage right before the solo, and their noise overlapped with my solo. If only I could be so lucky every night! (This was probably our most appreciative audience; they—primarily students and seniors I believe—attend our final dress rehearsal and I suspect pay a lesser fee to do so, but they always are the loudest laughers and it’s great fun.)

Tomorrow is opening night. Between now and then I really must get an English horn reed I’m happy with. When I’ll find the time is a problem, as I have Santa Clara U and a private student to teach. But I really have no choice but to make it work, so that’s the plan.

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I’m home. But not for long.

I had a rehearsal this afternoon, but rather than go out to dinner downtown I came home. I can at least see Jameson and Dan for a brief moment, and I got some tasty pizza out of it too. (Thanks, Dan!) Now it’s back to work.

I wish I were feeling better about one little solo—the ONLY little solo—in this little musical. It’s not difficult. It’s just that I can’t make it work. I’m not sure why. Partly it’s the key, I think; I can’t stand the key. But somehow I am going to have to make it musical and not have notes go bonkers on me. (Yes, they really are going bonkers … it can’t be MY fault, can it?!)

But anyway, heigh-ho, heigh-ho … and all that jazz.