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(… as I down my breakfast before getting to the reed situation …)

Watching bassoonist Stephen Paulson and English hornist Julie Ann Giacobassi take apart that famous opening almost measure by measure is a true thrill.

Say! What’s this? You know you wanna know!

San Francisco Symphony has a new thing goin’ on. It’s called Keeping Score. You can watch this on PBS (locally on KQED and, I believe, KTEH). (For your local listing go here.

I guess I’ll be setting my DVD recorder up for this, if I can manage to get to it. The Stravinsky segment (referred to in the quote above) will air next week.

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hoo …

Tis a scary and sad day … until those EH reeds get made!

Reading over at The Reedery Blog:

Sometimes doing personal stuff is a nice break from working, and sometimes it’s just hard to squeeze it in. That’s how my place ended up being such a pigsty.

Yes, indeed. Right now I’m embarrassed to look around the house. My laundry is done now, but needs folding and putting away. The kitchen? Never mind. The poor vacuum needs to be put to use, but reeds will have to come first. And I’ve not had time to get out to the store, either, so we are still missing Halloween candy (that will be taken care of this morning, prior to the English horn reed work time), and I need to pick up a few other things as well.

It’s so difficult to remember what summer was like now; I had no work. I was missing work. I was sad not to be working.

I’d use the old cliché “When it rains it pours” but I’m not going to. So you won’t have to hear an old cliché. Isn’t that a relief? No “When it rains it pours” written here. No sirree.

So anyway … HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Don’t eat too much candy. (Ever think about giving out reeds as a halloween surprise? If so, you know where to find me.