I had to wake up at around 6:15, so that I could be ready to get Jameson to school and drive over the hill to UCSC. My first student this morning was at 8:30 AM. The show I am playing ended at 10:50 PM. That’s a long stretch ‘o time, and my eyes are weary. So is the brain.

The show went well tonight; I can’t think of any major problems. That’s a first. (NOT that the audience was aware of the major problems in most instances. Isn’t it interesting that what I see as major they don’t even notice? What does that say about me? About them?)

I joined in on a conversation that consisted mainly of high school kids because they were talking concert etiquette. What I find very interesting is that they are all much more conservative than I about when you can applaud and how you should behave at concerts. I want to tell them to lighten up. But I’m nicer than that, so I just say what I think in an oh-so-gentle way. One student implied that performance practices we have are “sacred” and I found that quite amazing; does he think that the way audiences behave now, with the quiet formality, rules regarding applause along with all the rest, is the way it has been since time began? That’s the impression he gave.

I think I should research the history of “classical” music performances. (Not the era … I’m using the term in that very general way, if you know what I mean.) Who can recommend a good book or two about this?

Now off to bed with me. I’m too old for this kind of schedule! 🙂

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This review seems to suggest that the actors were all strong, although the writer wasn’t entirely comfortable with Jue. He thought Debby Boone did just fine. He loved Irene Liu Trapp (and she is great!) The orchestra only received kudos. And yet he didn’t care for the production. Ah well.

He does say we cut the overture to nothing. He’s correct. But really … would he want a three hour production rather than ten minutes shy of that? I wonder.

My favorite part? “The Small House of Uncle Thomas.” You really should see the show simply for that ballet. (It’s the best music to play, too!)

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So many people in this area don’t know how to drive in wet weather. At least one such person was on the road on my way home from UCSC. The person’s truck was demolished. I do hope that no one was injured … but I sure with everyone just drove better so all the problems that go along with this sort of accident would be avoided.

Meanwhile, the drive has exhausted me! It’s amazing how tiring a little drive over a little mountain can be.

I’d better eat my lunch and then take a mini-rest. I have another close-to-three-hour show tonight. And I don’t want to get in any accidents while I play. Those are the kind of wrecks that really annoy me; it’s so easy for me to make silly mistakes when I am weary. So I will be well rested. I will play in alert mode. I will, I will, I will. 😎