04. November 2006 · Comments Off on 2 more and then a rest day · Categories: imported, Ramble

It’s amazing how quickly this run of The King & I is going. Of course at the same time I feel as if I’ve been doing it forever.

No. I’m not going to ask you to figure that out. And no, I can’t explain it all. Give me a break; it’s late, and this was a ten service week!

But after the two shows tomorrow, I have Monday off. (Yes, I still teach, so I’m not saying I won’t be working.) I am anxious to enjoy the day off, because it hit me yesterday—starting Wednesday I have double service days through Sunday. That’s a whole lotta playing. On three of those days I don the opera hat for the afternoon and switch to musical theatre hat in the evening. Believe me, those are different beasts!

Because a colleague was talking about her spouse attending a show and what he had to say after, I’ve been thinking about how so many musicians deal with performances they attend as audience members. For some it’s so difficult to just enjoy. We often feel the need to pick out weaknesses. I really don’t care to do that any longer. I’d rather just enjoy. Enjoyment is a nice thing, you know? I’ll leave critiquing to the reviewers. Or at least I’ll try to do that.