I found this blog entry of David H. Thomas interesting. And of course I have to laugh at some of what he says, since we’ve all seen things like this happen.

As for me and my space: I wear progressive lenses, so my stand has to be “just so”. I need a bit of room, but certainly not anything extreme. We, too, have some tall string folk. I just work around them, and they are mostly willing to try to move if it’s really impossible for me to move. No, I never move someone else’s chair or stand unless I can see there would be a major problem. And yep, I bring all my tools and supplies on to stage with me. (Considering what I did to one of my oboes last week, though, I should probably HIDE my screwdriver. The poor oboe is totally out of whack and I keep trying to figure out what I did but even using the Sawicki book I’m getting nowhere. I remember Mark Chudnow telling me one of the stupidest things Loree does is include a screwdriver with their oboes!)

I’m assuming Mr. Thomas’ colleagues read his blog and he’s fine with that. I’d be nervous about how they’d react … but I’m often worried about what others think!

My Progress
Most of the house has been dusted and vacuumed. I paid the bills. I still need to balance the checkbook. The laundry has been washed, one load has been folded, a second is calling out to me for that, and the third is just aching to be dried. Now I think I’ll check the mail and then get dinner going. So far I’ve not gotten the energy to look at the voting stuff. Sigh. That’s the thing I probably should have done first!


  1. Hello Patty- I hope anyone reading my post, including my colleagues, will understand it’s lighthearted tone. But, as I admitted to Jennifer in my comments, I should be careful of string players, whos true natures I don’t really know, and who wield that sharp spear-like bow with such alacrity. And though I am aware of the inevitable dangers from oboists with their knives, at least I know how to use one myself. (though I’m sure it’s not as sharp!)

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Hi David,

    Well, I’m guessing that if your colleagues know your sense of humor you’re just fine! (I must say, however, that I know one of mine, in particular, would have my head! That individual is somewhat like a loaded gun, though. Needless to say I won’t identify that individual here.)

    Yep … our knives are probably sharper, and we carry razor blades too! 😉