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I had something else here. I took it off. So there you go.

Meanwhile …
I have the night off. OFF. No work. Nada.


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… not that it really has anything to do with the oboe, but the word is there. So here you go:

Lots of people (and by “lots” I mean roughly 99% of everyone I’ve ever spoken to) believe that the dictionary is a Who’s Who of words. That it’s like Ivy League college admissions. That only the really good words, the ones that have eaten all their spinach and who play the oboe and who get high scores on the SAT, make it into the dictionary. That the words that make it into the dictionary are somehow “realler” than the words that don’t.

Curious to read more? C’mon, you know you are! You can find the article here.

I play oboe and I love spinach. But I don’t believe my SAT scores were very high. No Ivy League for me. Heck, I’m not even in the dictionary.

Or AM I …?

Main Entry: pat·ty
Variant(s): also pat·tie /’pa-tE/
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural patties
Etymology: French pâté pâté
1 : a little pie
2 a : a small flat cake of chopped food b : a small flat candy [a peppermint patty]

Now of course I’m a Wordcreationist™ … so clearly I’m fine with WhateverWords™.