… and I sit here feeling so uncomfortable. My stomach is even a bit “troubled”. Go figure.

Yes, indeed, I left the pit after my final number. I made a very quick and, I hope, unnoticeable exit. I went out the closest pit door. I took the hallway to the stairway, took those stairs to the near backstage area, and then went up the little rampway and out that stage door entrance/exit.


I’ve never done this before.

Certainly I’ve left a concert when I’ve not been needed to perform the last work. But I’ve never left an opera before. And I’m still feeling nervous about it all.

It’s not like they would need me back; they haven’t any time to rehearse, and we never rehearse at the final dress anyway. But it sure is weird to leave like that. Any opera instrumentalists reading this? Do you ever leave early? Do you get over that sort of nervous, sick to your stomach, “I can’t really be finished!” feeling?

Opening night is Saturday. Just in case anyone is wondering!

16. November 2006 · Comments Off on Things like this make me sad: · Categories: imported, Ramble

“Yep… the drunkest I’ve ever been in my life… and with (almost) my entire studio, no less.”

The blog used to say oboe studio, but I guess the person was fearful about being found out (it’s an anonymous blog) because that’s now been removed.

There has always been alcohol abuse in the music biz, but it always saddens me to read about college students—especially an entire oboe studio—getting blasted.


More later … very busy these days!