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It’s intermission. I’m in the pit, but not for long … time to stretch the legs. It’s now 70.3. And reeking of perfume. Someone who is near the pit has decided to bathe in scent. Whoever you are … I do NOT thank you!

The audience seems pretty enthusiastic. Opening night is never as excited as following shows, though … I think they wait to see if they are supposed to like the opera or not. They won’t know until they read a review.

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Yep … brought the computer. Just so folks could see the Rabbit of Seville. But here I am. Early. (But I found a perfect parking space, so it’s worth being early!)

Meanwhile, it’s a cold 68.4 degrees in the pit. That is too cold for my oboe and my hands. Sigh. Grumble. Double sigh.

So anyway … off to work I go. Ciao for now!

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Check out what I’m playing tonight! 😉

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There has often been talk about how trying to poppify™ the symphony orchestra and the music we play is goofy or stupid or even insulting. Trying to get symphonies to blend with jazz … frowned upon. Trying to play stuff that is rock-ish. Foolish. Going “hip”? Forget it. (Shoot, I’ve even been told that by using the word “hip” I’ve given away the fact that I am so uncool. Hmmm. I’m betting uncool is also unhip.)

But I was just thinking … reading about Concerto de Aranjuez being played by Miles Davis and all that … it can go one direction and not the other?

I’m not sure what I think. I’m not saying I would LIKE to try the “Let’s try to play music that will get ’em rockin'” or anything. And I do hate symphonic music being turned into muzak, to be sure. I also can’t stand hearing some pop singers playing a portion of a “classical” work or incorporating it into their songs in mostly schlocky ways. But sometimes it works for folks to steal (borrow? rent?) our music. It just doesn’t seem to work the other way ’round; we look goofy for trying to take on some of theirs. Or at least it seems to me to be the case.

So I’m just thinkin’ ….

And fill me in … what other symphonic works are used in pop or jazz … or whatever … music? (No Manilow information needed, though. Those ones I know.)

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… is opening night for Barber of Seville. I think I’ll stay in the pit, due to it being the opening and all. We’ll see.

And yes Katarina, I’m very careful about how and when I leave. I suspect no one notices at all, aside from the folks in the pit. Still, it feels very odd to leave. And I’m guessing that some of my colleagues aren’t happy about it. (But then string players are often unhappy with us winds, and suggest they should be paid more since they play more notes!)

I did hear from a friend who plays in a major opera company orchestra and she, too, leaves for Barber. I was relieved to hear that. She, in fact, leaves after giving the A for the second act, comes in a bit before playing #13, and then goes home after finishing with that number.

Oh …
I neglected to mention there was an article in the Merc about the Figaro fellows of our production, as well as a few others. You might want to check that out!

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I just received an email about my Quit Work Make Music t-shirt. When I attempted to respond to the emailer my message was bounced back, saying something about spam. (Yes, I could fill out the required form the bounced message told me about, and have my message get through, but I’m not into that.) So … to “Stanny” … here’s my response: The t-shirt was sold at a store that sold a bunch of rock band t-shirts. I bought it for the irony, of course. The band which was selling them is, I believe, no longer in business. Certainly the shirts can’t be found anywhere. There is now a group called “Quit Work Make Music” and they do have t-shirts, but they look nothing like mine. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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Do your best
Let Jesus do the rest

This saying above is one I read on a church sign I drove past on my way to UCSC.

I believe in Jesus. But I’m not sure about that saying. What does it imply, anyway? Doing my best on oboe reeds and leaving them out for Jesus to finish isn’t really going to work. You know? And if I do my best on a solo and still don’t play as well as some might wish will Jesus come in and fix it up for me?

Or just apply it to a school test. Do your best … and Jesus will finish it up for you? Let you pass?

It just doesn’t work that way.

So signs like that really bug me.

It all sounds far to simple and as if belief in Jesus is some sort of good luck charm. Churches often give folks that impression, I’m sorry to say.

I guess I prefer “Do your best. Trust in God. Deal with life.”