18. November 2006 · Comments Off on Quit Work T-shirt · Categories: imported, Ramble

I just received an email about my Quit Work Make Music t-shirt. When I attempted to respond to the emailer my message was bounced back, saying something about spam. (Yes, I could fill out the required form the bounced message told me about, and have my message get through, but I’m not into that.) So … to “Stanny” … here’s my response: The t-shirt was sold at a store that sold a bunch of rock band t-shirts. I bought it for the irony, of course. The band which was selling them is, I believe, no longer in business. Certainly the shirts can’t be found anywhere. There is now a group called “Quit Work Make Music” and they do have t-shirts, but they look nothing like mine. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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