18. November 2006 · Comments Off on Truth In Advertising · Categories: imported, Ramble

Do your best
Let Jesus do the rest

This saying above is one I read on a church sign I drove past on my way to UCSC.

I believe in Jesus. But I’m not sure about that saying. What does it imply, anyway? Doing my best on oboe reeds and leaving them out for Jesus to finish isn’t really going to work. You know? And if I do my best on a solo and still don’t play as well as some might wish will Jesus come in and fix it up for me?

Or just apply it to a school test. Do your best … and Jesus will finish it up for you? Let you pass?

It just doesn’t work that way.

So signs like that really bug me.

It all sounds far to simple and as if belief in Jesus is some sort of good luck charm. Churches often give folks that impression, I’m sorry to say.

I guess I prefer “Do your best. Trust in God. Deal with life.”

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