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Why you should carry your iPod at all times. (Do be sure it’s fully charged!)

Why doing an opera in Thailand might not be a good idea.

And then there’s this:

Having been to more concerts than I care to remember of concerts featuring contemporary fare that drew 1/2 full, heavily papered houses in the old Dot, I don’t think your claim is true at all. I’ve been saying for years that orchestras should market themselves to people in their 50’s and above, people whose kids have left home, which means they’d now have the time and money to explore classical music. But, no, that’s not “cutting edge” or “pop culture friendly” or “reaching out to the youth of today”.

Read here. I was just reading about “relevance” in the Opera News mag last night. So I appreciated OAOP’s comments on that as well.


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The mirror tells a story even I
cannot deny. When seeing eye to eye
with who I am and what I have become
I wonder at the time, and sometimes run
from truth. I know the glass won’t lie—but how
I wish it would!—a part of me thinks now,
yes even at a this half a century
of age, I somehow might, quite easily,
disguise myself and come across a good
bit younger than I am. Of course this would
be folly! Here I am: I stand between
a zero and one hundred. I am queen
of middle age! So bow, salute, or give
me moderate applause. I’m glad to live!

Patricia Emerson Mitchell©
Written November 1, 2006 for this very day.


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With my cottage cheese thighs
and bags under my eyes
I might appear as if I am fifty
But I’m very much alive
and feel a mere fortyfive
Isn’t that incredibly nifty?

Sure, the meter is slightly awry.
But so am I. 😉

PEM 2006