The Movie. This is funny.

Finally To Tower

Too bad I didn’t see the movie at Tower Records today. But then I didn’t see much of anything there! I did pick up two Quartetto Gelato CDs … oboe, violin, cello and … drum roll accordian! Fun listening, and there’s some mighty fine oboe playing goin’ on, too. (There’s more to them than “just” the named instruments here, too: you can add in a tenor (the violinist sings), English horn, mandolin, piano.)

Add to that the fact that the oboist is drop-dead gorgeous and you’ve got … well … you’ve got me seething. I mean, what is with all these good looking oboists these days? Don’t they know they aren’t supposed to care about looks? They are supposed to be pale, sad and tired looking, due to all the hours spent in a room, all alone, working on oboe reeds. C’mon folks! 😉

Or maybe I’m the only one who looks that way. And I don’t even spend enough time working on reeds.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ve got it backwards? Maybe working on reeds would make me look … I dunno … more appealing?

Naw. That’s not the ticket. I’m sure of it.

Anyway … ramble, ramble … I was hoping to find some opera DVDs at Tower, but I saw only one, and it would duplicate what we already have. Oh well. Better to not spend more money anyway.


  1. Yup, I saw the movie. It was pretty dumb (it’s Korean).

    Unfortunately,  Cynthia Steljes is fighting cancer nowadays. But I do love her Pasculli on the blue album.  

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    The movie does sound dumb. Still … just so funny to see the cover and title and all!

    I hadn’t heard about Ms. Steljes cancer. What a shame. I do hope it’s treatable?

    I’ve written before about the number of reed players who have had cancer. It’s fairly shocking, really, and some of us wonder if it has anything to do with reeds. Who knows what they do to keep the bugs off the cane, you know?