I’ve written before about not knowing when it would be okay to correct a reviewer’s mistake(s). I’ve still not come to any conclusion. Part of me did want to ask the reviewer I linked to the other day, who enjoyed Sunday’s opera peformance, if he’d heard the rather major blunder, but I’ve decided I don’t even want to go there. Just not cool—it might sound like I’m attempting to correct the writer, even though I really am just curious.

But now there’s “Do I bother to correct a blogger?”

My first response is “Absolutely not!”

A blog is a blog is a blog; it’s not fact. It’s one person’s take on things.

But I have to admit I was confused when reading about a blogger’s concert-going experience. He/She heard the Imani Woodwind Quintet. For any of you not in the know, a Woodwind Quintet uses these instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon. But the blogger said that the instruments played were clarinet, obeo, trumpet, flute and horn. Aside from the very-easy-to-do typo on the word oboe (I’ve done that myself!), I’m confused about the trumpet’s inclusion and the missing bassoon. Is this a mistake, or did the quintet deviate from the norm and do a switcheroo on the audience? How can this be? Hmmm.

The Imani Winds is a really fun group … I have several of their CDs, and I’m very impressed. Someday I’ll hear them live, I hope.

Needless to say, I won’t link to the blogger’s site; I don’t want to embarrass anyone or make the blogger think I’m putting him/her down. Again, not cool!

I am curious if any of you would feel like you need to correct the blogger, though. (I’m guessing someone in the Imani Winds would … IF it’s really a mistake.)


  1. Hmmm… what was the rather major blunder on Sunday?  I’m offstage so much, I’m sure I missed it.  Unless it happened while I was onstage and I’m just clueless…

    Or are you referring to my hat falling into the pit?  No, that wasn’t a major blunder, as it was caught by the netting.  Now if it had fallen on one of you, that would’ve been major!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Nope, wasn’t your hat! When DID that happen? Was I still there?

    I can’t put in writing what went wrong … but I’ll tell you if we see each other! (I just don’t like putting certain things in writing, you know?)

    It was a somewhat large singer’s error.

    Now that you write, though, I’m wondering if only the pit and maestro noticed! I’m assuming the singer did, but sometimes, when “in the moment” and all, someone might be oblivious. Doubtful, though.

    See you Thursday night!

  3. Hmmm… I didn’t notice at all.  I’m sure, however, that others did.  Someone always does…

    As for my hat, it happened in the first scene.  You probably can’t see what’s going on – I think only the front-most players can see.  But during “Ecco ridente”, the chorus is miming playing instruments while Almaviva sings.  And since it’s supposed to be very early in the morning, I “fall asleep” on stage.  Right at the edge of the stage.  Fiorello arranges to wake me suddenly.  Sunday, as I jerked myself awake, my hat fell off my head and into the pit.  Thankfully, the netting was there to catch it, and I was able to reach down and grab it.