30. November 2006 · Comments Off on Company and the Oboist · Categories: imported, Ramble

There’s another Sondheim musical where the actors/singers are also instrumentalists. This time someone even plays the oboe.


We all know you shouldn’t have lipstick on to play oboe. So gee … I wonder … is she going without? I kinda doubt it.

This is funny: the blurb says: “Elizabeth Stanley plays April, Oboe, Tuba and Alto Sax.”

Now of course someone once sang about a gimmick. And the director has certainly found one. Maybe it even works. I won’t be getting to NYC any time soon to hear and see the show, so I’ll leave it up to the Mighty Reviewers. But then they liked Sweeney Todd, and I was pretty unimpressed with some of the playing. So maybe I’m just a picky old snob.

Ya think?

My son sort of implied I’m being harsh.

How can that be? Moi? A gentle oboe player? An emotional English hornist?

A knife-wielding maniac.

Oh … yeah … there’s that, too.

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