Someone I sort of know (only via email) puts music up at his site on occasion. (Now don’t go guessing who! I can guarantee this individual is not one who reads this site … or even knows about it.) I often don’t check the music out, because I can be so darn picky. But today, as I was cleaning up my mailboxes, I thought I’d go ahead and listen to one song.


Have you ever heard someone singing and you aren’t quite sure where the pitch center is? For a few lines it sounds like the pitch is in one place … then the singer gets to another part of the song (yes, this is pop music or, as I suspect the singer and person who put it up would call it, alternative folk) you are sort of jolted because it sounds like maybe there’s a “quarter inch” difference in what was the pitch center.

Maybe it’s just my problem, though.

Anyway, that’s what I listening to. Needless to say I won’t tell the person who shared the song what I think; there’s absolutely no point in ruining his enjoyment of this song he loves so much. Of course most people wouldn’t have their experience ruined by someone else’s opinion … not everyone is like me!

Yes, it’s true. If you tell me you hate something I love, I may still love it, but every time I listen there will be this little voice whispering, “X hates this song!” And that really drives me bonkers. And I never forget what someone tells me when it’s an “I hate” or “I don’t like” kind of thing. Clothes. Art. Music. I remember it all. It’s a curse, really.

The other thing about the song was that it was that typical “emo-boy” sound. Or at least that’s what I’ve decided to call it for now. You know what I mean? That sort of wimpy-esque, “I’m sensitive”, male singer? He reaches for notes. He sounds like he’s about to cry. He sounds like he can’t sing much above a whisper.

After a while those sorts of voices wear me out.

So sing already! You have lungs! Use them. Please!

Okay. Enough of a rant. I just had to vent. Because I can.

Today is another catch-up day. I’ve managed to get a good amount done already around the house. It’ll never be exactly what I want, but at least it’s a clean “not quite what I want” kind of place now! 🙂

Meanwhile I’m finally sitting down to eat breakfast. I nearly forgot. I wish I had continued to forget; I need to lose some fat! Sigh.