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Few deny the enormous power that music can exert, although certain musical instruments and musical selections may cause different reactions in different people. Thus, while the steady beat of a drum may soothe some people, it excites others. The throaty moan of an oboe has been known to make a person temporarily insane, slow chants often have a hypnotic effect, and a lullaby has more than once quieted a serious heart flutter.

Article here. (Note the date.)

It ends this way:

Thus, music is being used as a practical aid in treatment of mental quirks and physical ailments, and as a potent stimulant to working efficiency. So enthusiastic is one expert over the possibilities of musical cures, that he prophesies the day when the portable phonograph and a kit of selected records may become as indispensable to the family physician as the stethoscope and bag of common medicines.

Well, the prophet forgot to prophecy the demise of the “family physician”.

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