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I’m home from the concert. I thought my pals did themselves proud. Robin and Christina played beautifully. Debbie dealt correctly with water in a key (stopping and clearing out the problem, then beginning the movement again; MUCH better than playing with water in a key for the remainder of the work). I only mention the water in case some of you were there and wonder what happened. And Debbie certainly wowed me! Musical, lovely playing. And the technical stuff was amazing! Jim was super on the trumpet concerto. Pam was great on Tombeau … and I have to say I’m just in awe of folks who play that work!

So really … they were all tremendous. I’m impressed.

As I told my husband, “I wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t humiliate myself either.” Always the optimist, you know?

So there you go.

But life has been … um … interesting …

Mostly I’ve not had time to think or blog clearly. My father is seriously ill. I don’t blog about that here; it just seems like something more private. (Even while I share pretty darn personal things here.) To play rehearsals and concerts when I know my dear, dear father is in the hospital is distressing, yet that’s the way it goes with musicians. (I could tell you some amazing stories of when some musicians have played after tragic events.) So a parent’s hospitalization is something I have to deal with. But it is very difficult.

It does make a missed note less of a biggie though, you know?

DID I miss a note?

Heck, I’ll never tell.

At least not tonight.

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Tonight my dear friend and fabulous bassoonist, Debbie Kramer, plays a Vivalidi concerto for bassoon and strings with the Symphony Silicon Valley.

Debbie, if you want some comic relief right now, check out this video. Such find playing. Um. Or not. 😉

Stephen Colbert? Who’da thunk it?

I don’t think he’ll be playing any concerti in the near—or distant—future!

Many thanks to Jillian for the link. TOO funny!