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Some folks think trombonists are special because Berlioz said something silly about them once. I mean … c’mon … Berlioz was a drug addict! So these silly trombonists love to remind us about what a drug addict said about them.

Yeah. Right. Now you know how smart trombonists are, eh?

Or maybe not. Maybe if you read this you’ll TRULY understand their true intelligence.

Trust me. Read it.

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We complain a lot here about the state of the arts. We aren’t the only ones. I guess some people in Pakistan aren’t happy either. I found the article quite interesting.

We had our first (of two) rehearsal today. Ah yes. The Nut is back, and we are crackin’ it. Yo ho ho and all that.

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Ralph Gomberg, the former principal oboist who held sway at the Boston
[Massachusetts] Symphony while his brother Harold did the same, on the
same instrument, at the New York Philharmonic, died on Saturday
[December 9, 2006]. He was 85 and lived in Concord, [Massachusetts].

Read more here.

Here’s an article from the IDRS journal about Mr. Gomberg.