I’ve already written my little ditty about the Alagna scandal. Now you can watch the event and judge for yourself (although you really don’t hear much, as the clip starts at the end of his aria). It’s interesting to read elsewhere that the replacement wasn’t the #1 guy, and that there was at least one person in the wings in costume. Hmmm. If this is true it seems a tad odd that this other singer managed to get on first. But whatever. (I do think Palombi might have combed his hair, though. 😉

I’m still not saying what I think about Alagna or any of that jazz. I wasn’t there. I do know how I’d feel if I heard loud boos after I played. I’m quite the insecure one. You can bet I’d freak. I’m not sure I’d run away, but you can bet there’d have been tears. (I have learned not to cry on stage though—I’ll have to tell my teary story someday. For now I must rest.)


  1. Another guy was there in costume? Do they always do that? That seems VERY odd. Maybe he was out back taking a smoke or something

    That hair is INCREDIBLE! First time I’ve ever seen a fro in an opera!     

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    From what I read, it sounded as if they had TWO tenors in costume just ready to go on. I haven’t a clue if this is the norm at La Scala, but it sure is weird!

    Mostly the hair looks unbrushed to me. What a mess!

    I still don’t know how I’d handle booing. Needless to say, leaving the stage is a bad idea. But still … can you imagine how it feels to hear all the boos? I can’t. Folks just don’t do that hear.

    I DID hear booing the year we had John Cage here to conduct his piece. That was the one and only time I witnessed a genuinely hostile audience. It was scary, to be honest.