16. December 2006 · Comments Off on Moving Down In The World? · Categories: imported, Ramble

While I was flattered to be #15 via Scott’s research, I find that every time I check I’ve moved down in ranking (the number is higher). So what is that about, huh? Are people ignoring me? Do you all hate me? Is this a conspiracy?

No, I’m not paranoid. Who said I was. Huh? Huh?

And why, now that I know about this whole thing, do I find myself checking where I stand on occasion? Do I care? Am I blogging for numbers? I don’t think so. Heck, I’m not sure why I really blog. Probably mostly because I like the sound of fingers clicking on the keyboard or something.

I do wonder sometimes ….

Ah well. Time to get ready for Nuts. It’s always best to shower before pit work, you know? We all sit awfully close to each other. 🙂

You can be a successful oboe teacher in Dubuque, Iowa and have a good, successful, fulfilling life.

-Roger Bourland

Read here.

Some musicians are unhappy with their positions, thinking they missed the Big Time Orchestra experience. Me? I love what I do. I’m happy. I’m content. And I feel like I’m where I’m called to be.

It’s a good feeling.