17. December 2006 · Comments Off on Alagna and More · Categories: imported, Ramble

Jessica Duchen blogs about the couple who are known to be … um … a bit on the difficult side.

Of course they aren’t the only musicians to be considered a challenge. And of course we are in a stressful kind of job. (Ya think?!) But I can tell you that if I walked off a job I’d be fired. And if I walked off certain jobs I’d never work again. But it will be interesting to see what becomes of these two. They are, after all, of much higher stature than I to begin with.

Funny thing, though, is that a lot of musicians have that dream of walking off stage in the middle of something. I’ve often thought that one of these days I’m going to lose it, stand up, yell “I can’t take it any more!” and leave the stage. And I always envision the event would occur at a concert, never a rehearsal.


But then I also have this thought that I might, in the middle of a very quiet movement, play some really loud, raucous note. Just because I can.

Will I ever do it? Heh. Doubtful. Unless I completely lose it. Which is a possibility, I suppose.

So keep coming to concerts that I’m in … you never know … 😉