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Felix Kraus, former English hornist of the Cleveland Orchestra, died Thursday at the Cleveland Clinic of complications from leukemia and pneumonia. He was 76.

Article here.

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This T-shirt is hysterical!

Seen first via Classically Hip.

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(Other People’s Blogs)

  • I was principal oboist in my high school symphonic band and I played for a chamber trio in college. I’m a musician deep inside but as a career, it’s just not fulfilling.
  • Can we just take a second to appreciate the level of optimism it takes to post a Craigslist ad seeking an avant-garde oboist?
  • The concert turned out to be quite OK (as far as these things go) (This was about a Buffalo Philharmonic pops concert)
  • Two beginning oboes are enough for any one household to endure! (Personally, I think ONE is more than enough.)
  • So there you’d be, a whole orchestra in front of you, to basically do your bidding like customizing your entree at a restaurant (substitutions $3 extra, sharing $9, no doggie bags). “Uh, yes, I’ll take the Beethoven 5, low fat, so hold the oboe; substitute extra spicy alto sax. I’m watching carbs, so could you put in only half of the double basses and leave them on the side, and instead of violas I’ll have a side order of bongos.” “And no contrabassoon, thanks.”

    And, Finally, From a News Article

  • “Wondering if your low B is going to come out after having rested for 15 minutes,” says Sharon, 32, “is a different kind of fear than being 100 feet off the water in a storm securing a sail.”
  • “Going to school for music,” Fred notes, “does not train you to take apart a diesel engine.”