20. December 2006 · Comments Off on MUSO · Categories: imported, Ramble

Having only received one copy of MUSO magazine so far I don’t feel as if I can be fair in deciding what I think about the publication. I can tell you it took a very long time to receive my first copy, and no one seemed to want to answer my emails about what the problem was. But last week it did finally arrive, and I’ve read, nearly thoroughly, the issue.

There are lots of pretty people in it. Drop deal gorgeous, in fact. The thing is, I haven’t a clue if they are truly good musicians. I just know they are beautiful musicians. So I guess I’ll have to see if I can find them on recordings somewhere.

One article was poorly written, by a musician in a chamber group. To this not-so-fabulous writer it came across a bit like a high school essay, and the suggestions in the article came across even worse.

But like I said, I’ll have to give it a few issues before I decide if I find any value (other than eye candy) in the mag.

Eye candy is okay sometimes too. Not fattening. And safe as can be.

Meanwhile, someone at MUSO has emailed a bunch of us bloggers asking us to promote their Valentine’s Day survey. Hmmm. I looked at it. Decided it wasn’t my cuppa tea. But if you want to go for it, be my guest. I’m clearly not the sort of person they are targetting with the mag (I subscribed, though, because I actually do like to read about other musicians. Even young’uns.) I’m just too old, too plain … and a crazy oboe player too. So whatever.

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