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I’ve read a number of negative reactions to Tan Dun’s new opera, The First Emporer, which recently had its premiere at the Met. You can read comments by An Unamplified Voice, Maury Dannato, Jonathan over at Wellsung, with reviews by Tommasini and Hoelterhoff. Ouch.

But I have to admit that this reviewer’s comment, “Where were the memorable melodies to take home?”, doesn’t do it for me. And then there was this (frightening … at least to me) paragraph:

There were Pucciniesque moments of passionate tunes. Some even made allusions to the Italian composer’s last masterpiece “Turandot,” which was set in China. But a little repetition of melody a la Andrew Lloyd Webber, rather than of the striking of a big Chinese bell, might better jog the listener’s memory.

Do I have reason to be troubled by that, or am I over reacting? Thoughts?

“You were pretty good.” (Said to the woodwinds.) “You were great!” (Said to the strings. By the same child.)

And again, by the same child: “I fell asleep in the second half.” (My response? “I almost did too!” I guess I should be more careful—audience members don’t know my incredible sense of humor.)

“The oboe is the best instrument in the whole world.”

Oh. Wait. I was the one who said that last thing. Heh.