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If you are interested in knowing more about the new English hornist in the San Francisco Symphony (I don’t believe he begins until this coming summer) you can read this article.

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even when it’s named “Oboe D’Amor”.

LEGGY filly Oboe D’Amor did not raise the eyebrows of stewards when she won at Eagle Farm yesterday but that was not the case with Lasoron.


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There’s a nice article about Irene Dalis. Years ago her house was destroyed in a fire and a lot of treasures were lost. She has recently received a very wonderful gift.

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The malls fall silent. Streets are empty now
and restless children try to fall asleep.
The midnight service, candlelit, an hour
before is over. Silence blesses each
exhausted parent. Huddled on a couch
we whisper, wondering if the choices we
have made will satisfy: we think of how
we‚ve planned and shopped, and rest now by the tree.

But all the festive decorations, all
the gifts, cannot compare to one lone birth˜
cannot replace the story of a fall,
an aching people, or this groaning earth.

And Mary gently holds an infant in her arms
and vows to keep him safe from every harm.

-Patricia Emerson Mitchell

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Maybe the angels didn’t sing;
melody wasn’t part of promise.
Wholly infant, unhaloed,
lies rag-wrapped.
Still the manger
cradles holiness.

But, for now, the baby cries
for human touch and breast.
One young mother reaches
for the child and the
adopted father
hands her God.

-Patricia Emerson Mitchell