Perplexing problem plagues players

This was the headline in an article I just read about focal dystonia, and the alliteration is just plain annoying, don’t you think? And last I read, Klein’s oboe career wasn’t ended. His Chicago Symphony career ended, but he does still perform.

Just so you know.


  1. Patricia Mitchell

    Yes, all average Americans are annoyed by alliterative article titles.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Now WAIT JUST A MINUTE! I didn’t write that last comment, and yet it implies that I did. Hmmm. I do wonder if it might have been written by my husband, that darned dastartdly difficult Dan.

    Ya think?

  3. Of course, not knowing what is focal dystonia, I look it up on wikipedia (, and who does it mention as having being afflicted with this condition? None other than Alex Klein (

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Yep. It’s why he had to resign from the symphony. Sad stuff. But at least he is still able to play … just with time limits.