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Watching CSI (yeah, I know, I know, you’d think I’d watch only PBS) the CSI team is in the child prodigy’s room; she has a violin sitting upright, leaning against her chair. The bow is sitting on the chair.


That’s how a violinist would leave her instrument. Of course.

Sort of like the open house we went through once; the clarinet was on top of the desk, balanced upright (fortunately no earthquake that day). Uh-huh.

It’s always funny to see the way television, movie and magazine folks think of instruments and instrumentalists. I remember one magazine that pictured these lovely romantic pictures of a model with instruments out in fields and random places.

Just like real life.

Am I cynical? Only when appropriate.

So … let’s see … I’m sure I’ve mentioned these before, but I’m sitting here pondering and I figured some might not have read these before:

  • There was the time one of the Russian dancers flipped his way right into the pit. No one was injured (unless they just didn’t tell us).
  • My English horn reed stuck to my lower lip so when I thought I was taking the reed out of my mouth the horn went down, the reed stuck, and then fell down my blouse. Much wriggling occurred to remove it.
  • I got my silk swab stuck in my oboe right before the Arabian oboe solo. During the dress rehearsal. I managedt to get it removed just in time to play.
  • The very next day I managed to get the swab stuck again. On the very next night. Opening night. This time I couldn’t remove it with my handy dandy swab removed (my hands were too shaky) so I played my colleague’s oboe (she was on English horn for that number) while the principal flutist managed to get the darn swab out.
  • Of course there have been “the tree won’t grow” moments too. But those … well … meh (to quote
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    1775 – João Domingos Bomtempo was born (d. 1842). Portuguese oboist

    Because I know you wanted to know.

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    Here’s a headline for you:

    Musicians exceed expectations

    So how would that make you feel if you were a student and you received that headline for a notable accomplishment?

    Me? I wouldn’t take that very well. But I don’t take a lot of things very well.

    Article here.