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I have horrible vision. Really. Awful. Can’t-leave-the-bed-without-glasses vision. It’s not fun.

And of course I need reading lenses as well. So there you go.

Paul Viapiano blogs about his recent experience. I know the struggle of adjusting to progressive lenses but, unlike Paul, I’ve managed to deal with them. My first experience (too early in my life, if you ask me—I wasn’t even 40!) was frustrating, and it took me three months to adjust. Three darn months. But I’m stubborn. I dealt.

About two years ago now I moved to two pair of glasses; one pair is for everyday use and the other is for music. The second pair allows me to see the music incredibly clearly, and I can see the conductor enough to see the beat pattern but not enough to see a conductor’s glare. It works really well for me. And I do read ahead. I’m not sure if there’s a difference because they are primarily suited for close up reading—I do still have to “follow my nose” a bit— but I can see more than I had expected.

I still use no glasses at all when I’m doing extremly close up reed work.

It all seems to work fine now.

Earlier in my life I wore contact lenses, but my eyes seemed to rule those out after a number of years. I’m okay with that. Glasses hide those lovely dark bags under my eyes! I’m okay with that.

Anyways ANYWAY you very well might have to deal with the problems Paul had, so his blog is well worth reading.

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