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Just to begin … and in no particular order …

How do you measure a year? (Out West Arts)

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LA Times: Calendarlive.com – Best of 2006 | Classical (Mark Swede)

Steve Hicken: State of the Art – concert music in 2006

Sacramento Bee: Edward Ortiz’ Top 10 classical CDs for 2006

Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music Blog: CDs of the year 2006

musicOHM.com: Classical Review of the Year 2006

New York Magazine: Best in Classical & Dance – The 2006 Culture Awards

Playbill Arts: Top Stories of 2006

Deceptively Simple: Top 10 Classical CDs, 2006

Janelle Gelfand: Looking back: Classical music (Cincinnati)

I know there are more. I’m tired. If you want to help, feel free to drop me a line!

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Great gaping summer gap: A near-total lack of professionally performed classical music in St. Louis in July and August.

St. Louis isn’t the only city that lets all classical music die in the summer. I rarely work for a nearly 3 month period. It’s frustrating, but there you go. It reminds me of church, really; when summer starts Sunday classes are dropped. I guess God and Mozart both go on vacation in the summer, you know?

Frightening trend: “Virtual orchestras” that replace real musicians playing real instruments. It may be cheaper, but it’s not better.

THANK YOU, Sarah Bryan Miller, for including that in your classical music highlights 2006. It is greatly appreciated, and very true. But will audiences care? I wonder.

I’m really enjoying all the 2006 lists I’m finding out there. Maybe I should even post a list of them for readers. We’ll see.

You know the problem: we need a man for solo trombone.

– Sergiu Celibidache (General Music Director, Münich Philharmonic)

Thanks to Scott Spiegelberg for blogging about this. Ah the weak women who attempt to play a brass instrument. Silly girls. (I hope you know I’m being sarcastic!) Be sure and read the links Scott has provided. Simply astounding stuff there.