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I’m currently watching the PBS broadcast of The Nightingale (Le Rossignol). I played the orchestral work a few years back, but I’d never heard the actual opera. I’m all for videos of operas and other works, and I’m extremely glad I’m getting to hear the work.

BUT … music is sound. So when they decide to add sounds to the music, I find it tremendously annoying. Dishes falling over. Computer keyboard clicking. Other sounds. (We hear those sounds because of the animation in this movie … so they do have a point. But still ….)

Now I suppose you could say I’m listening to an opera and so stage sounds will be added and that’s just the way it is, but some of these sounds … well … they just didn’t work the same way for me (and I DO find those stage sounds distracting when I listen to a CD of an opera). Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to clicks and clacks?

Still, I’m happy to be able to hear the work (I had attempted to order a recording a while back and it never arrived and I was then informed that it wasn’t available any longer). And I really am enjoying the majority of it. I think I read a few blogger critiques and they were primarily negative. I do, for the most part, like it, and I’m recording it to DVD.

Oooh … my heart is going a little faster … must be nearing the big oboe solo. 😉

UGH. There is rhythmic clapping through the entire oboe solo. What a shame. It’s at a good and playable tempo though, so that’s nice. That was a fun (but scary) solo to play! Memories.

Man I love this music!

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