03. January 2007 · Comments Off on Suggestion · Categories: imported, Ramble

Someone landed here by doing the following search:
need + help+ choosing +an +brass +instrument

Now I have a very good suggestion: the misuse of “an” could be corrected quickly and easily by doing this search:
need + help+ choosing +an +oboe + reed + for + Patty

Just an idea ….

Our daughter, Kelsey, blogged about her Grandpa.

I must get out my oboe today; the last time I played was Christmas Eve. It’s sort of odd to have to “work” (play) right now, as I feel like we should be doing “important” things. I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me. (I often only make sense to myself, which tells me the rest of the world is just so weird and I’m the only normal one around—go figure.)

It’s also strange to go on doing the mundane … purchasing things this morning such as pillows (with family arriving today), a new phone (old one has been a problem since the very start), and various other things. Life doesn’t stop.

it’s our 31st wedding anniversary! How about that?