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It seems as if “classical” musicians want to cross over to other types of music, and pop stars (think Billy Joel or Paul McCartney) want to move into “classical”. What’s it all about?

For the pop folk it can’t be about money, so my guess is that it’s about being taken seriously. And maybe about knowing that while pop music is popular in its time only (for the most part), some of the classical stuff may last for a good long time (despite the fact that many love to go on and on about the demise of all this classical).

For the classical folk I suspect it’s wanting a larger audience … maybe wanting to appeal to the “common man”. I wonder.

In any case, this writer doesn’t seem to care for the pop folk crossing over to the classical world.

I remember hearing Elvis Costello’s work. Or at least parts of it. It was a sort of “sounds like” work … there was Ravel, I remember. Other composers as well. But mostly I remember it went on. It went on and on … and on … and on.

Me? I think I’ll become a rock oboist. Yes, indeedy. Can’t you see me up there?

Right. I guess not.

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Soprano stays in hotel. Soprano wakes at 3:30 AM. Soprano sees bugs on her body. Soprano googles “bedbugs”. Soprano puts bugs in plastic bag, as she read that advice. Soprano has bug bites. Soprano says this isn’t going to help with her love life. (Huh?) Soprano is suing. For 6 million.

Okay. All of that I understand. (Aside from what this has to do with one’s love life.)

But this: She claimed the experience made sleep difficult and she looked terrible – but said she went on with her scheduled performances with the opera and Phoenix Symphony because otherwise, fellow singers on the program wouldn’t get paid.

Um. Singers only get paid if she sings? That one needs more explanation.

Story here.

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YAWN. (again with the yawning)

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I would suggest unmusical in this instance.

Can you imagine, as my husband Dan just suggested, a full orchestra of these things?