Hello ,
Good Day My name is coker based in lreland .My
son(18years of age)will be coming to the state for holiday break
but will stay with my elder sister.While he his there,i
want him to attend your teaching class.I want you to e-mail me the
modality of the programme,rate/hr,number of hours a day,your location of the lesson and other things necessary for a
smooth learning.Please get back tome asap.
joyce coker

YAWN. (again with the yawning)


  1. 1. You have to wonder about anyone with the last name of “Coker” and who introduces themself by their last name.
    2. You have to wonder how many Irish state holidays there are in a year. (http://www.iol.ie/~discover/holiday.htm)
    3. Dang, if that’s the grammar they teach in Ireland, you have to feel really sorry for that nation.
    4. Patty, are you stealing tomes again? How dare you!  

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Hehe … I’m still laughing at the email! I do wonder just who FALLS for these things, because I’ve been told that some do, and they lose a good amount of money.

    I thought all musicians were wise. 😉

  3. I’ve never understood these music lesson scams–are they just looking for your address?  I haven’t gotten one before but know several people who have.